Bridgesorter Mk IV DEMO

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NEW The BridgeSorter IV is an extremely fast and reliable machine that sorts bridge-sized cards (also large indices). This latest model takes the duplication experience to the next level and leads the way into the next generation. This unit has been used for demonstrations and tests.

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As previous models, this machine is made of Swedish stainless steel and built with the best components around to ensure a long life and reliability year after year.

Some highlights:
• No need for a computer! Simply use your phone or tablet to run the machine
• User interface in your own language!
• The machine creates its own WiFi hotspot, so no need for your own WiFi connection.

In summary you get:

• The latest technology with a 3 year warranty.
• A nice and easy to use interface with all functions needed and more.
• A unique teach function that makes it possible to teach the machine almost any card design.
• Nice hand records with makeable contracts  that can be printed straight from your phone, tablet or computer.
• Automatic board recognition. (Two sets of board stickers 1-32 included with the machine)
• Sturdy carrying case included which makes it easy to transport and keeps it safe.

• Instant built-in help.
• Excellent error checking; there are virtually no errors in image recognition.

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