Duplimate Mk V

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Weight per unit: 6300 g
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Duplimate Mk V is the professional users favourite because there are bar-codes on both cards and boards that guarantees that there are no fouled boards.

Also important is the high output per hour, day after day, year after year. There are no service requirements and the maintenance is limited to very simple cleaning (removing dirt/dust from the card path).

• Very comprehensive, intuitive software
• Automatic deal generating (using “Big Deal” algorithm)
• Hand analysis with optimum contract calculated instantly
• Automatic board number recognition
• Puts the cards into the boards automatically
• Barcode is cross checked to ensure error free boards
• Prints hand-records with optimum contract(s)
• No service requirements
• Five (!) years warranty
• Customer satisfaction guaranteed (or full refund)
The indicated weight does not include carrying case or cables. Add approximately 3 kg for the sturdy aluminum case,