Duplimate Mk VI (compatible with old cards)

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Compatible with Duplimate standard cards (AN: JF600_S) and older cards (WINSYM, WINFC etc)

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Barcodes on both cards and boards makes it possible for the Duplimate to cross-check the output. No mistakes! The Mk VI takes the duplication experience to the next level and leads the way into the next generation.

Some highlights:
• You can use your phone or tablet to run the machine. No need for a computer.
• Multilingual user interface!
• The machine sets up a network. You can alternatively connect via an existing network.

In summary you get:

• The latest technology with a generous 5 year warranty and a unique 12 months “no excuse” warranty. This means you can can get a refund in the unlikely event that you should not be happy with your purchase. 
• A nice and easy to use interface with all functions needed and more.
• Foul proof duplication.
• Nice hand records with makeable contracts  that can be printed straight from your phone, tablet or computer.
• Automatic board recognition. (Two sets of board stickers 1-32 included with the machine)
• Sturdy carrying case included which makes it easy to transport and keeps it safe.
• Instant built-in help and 24/7 support.

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