Duplimate Mk VS

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12 500.00
Weight per unit: 9500 g
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Barcodes on both cards and boards guarantee that there will be no fouled boards in play.

The mechanical speed (10 cards/second) is impressive but more important is the high throughput per hour, day after day, year after year. Watch it in action.The machine is built in EU of Swedish stainless steel and the best components available (mainly German).

There are no service requirements. The maintenance is limited to blowing off dust from the optical parts when the machine tells that it is needed.

Included in the price:
• Comprehensive, yet intuitive, software pack with everything you wanted
• Awesome handrecords
• Sturdy aluminum case,
• Incredible mechanical speed of 10 cards per second
• Comprehensive, yet intuitive, software
• Awesome handrecords
• Works seamlessly with electronic scoring
• Five (!) years warranty
• 12 months customer satisfaction guarantee (or money back)