Dealing machine upgrade

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Upgrade of BridgeSorter Mk III (numbers from 500) and Duplimate Mk V (numbers from 1700) to Prim level for enhanced reliability. The upgrade includes the licence to run the BOS X software pack. Freight is not included but can be purchased separately here.

Please contact support BEFORE ordering upgrade!

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In summary the update will give you “a new machine” in the old chassis for a subsidised price.

You will have the hardware improved on 43 points and you get will get new software. Some highlights:
• Improved feeding without frequent cleaning of the feed roller
• Electronic traction control manages slipping
• Changed gate function reduces the risk of 12/14 sorting stops
• Improved card recognition
• Faster – mechanical speed is up to 10 cards per second
• Immediate start when the board is inserted gives massive throughput
• Possible to use larger indices.
• Easy to add and select card design (not needed if you use Duplimate)
• Complimentary future upgrades to fit new versions of Windows
and many minor details that makes the duplicator’s life easier