Duplimate Mk 4.6

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The professional users favorite because it gives massive throughput and low total cost of ownership – and also low weight. The weight of the machine only is 4.7 kg.

Weight per unit: 10000 g
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The Duplimate Mk 4.6 is a high speed card dealing machine for duplication of bridge deals.

The mechanical speed is 5 seconds per deal (see video below) and the cards are automatically put into the duplicate boards. More important, however, is the high output per hour, day after day, year after year.

• Prints hand-records with optimum contract(s)
• Compact, low weight.
• No problem to set up.
• Extremely fast.
• Makes no mistakes.
• No maintenance.
• Automatic board function.
• Using the “Big-deal” deal-generator.
• Comprehensive software package
• Aluminium carrying case included
• 2 years warranty